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  • FLOATING SUNGLASSES - Lightweight wooden frames float when dropped in water. Improve your peace of mind while on the water knowing if you drop them, you can get them back.
  • POLARIZED LENSES - Provide crystal clear vision and reduces glare while driving so you can stay safe on the road. Lowers the harmful effects of UV light and allows you to stay in the sun longer. (UV Protection 100%)
  • MAPLE WOOD FRAMES - Constructed from recycled skateboard decks, the wood is smooth and soft. The layered look stands out and is a great conversation starter.
  • FLEX HINGES - Protect against everyday use and provide greater comfort for the wearer. The spring loaded hinges are specifically designed for performance heavy wearers who plan to run, jog, or have an active lifestyle while wearing them.
  • WE SUPPORT CHILDREN - Every sale helps to sponsor underprivileged children who without our help would not be able to pursue a surfing lifestyle. LF Surf has an active surf team that is international and sponsors kids providing surfing gear so that they can live to surf and surf to live.